An introduction to our blog.

We've been discussing the creation of a blog for some time now. The purpose of which is to shed a little light on the motorcycle leather industry. There's a lot or marketing, myths and bullshit flying around and we hope to cut through some of that without swearing too much or treading on too many toes.

The best place to start would probably be by introducing ourselves and highlighting the particular work that we do.

We've been carrying out repairs and alterations to riding apparel at our shop in central Sydney for nearly ten years now. The majority of jobs we take on are for motorcycle racers who not only tend to crash more frequently than the average road rider, but have more requirements in the way of customisation and design. We also carry out a bit of warranty work for suppliers and shops which usually involves zipper replacements or correcting stitching errors from factories. We work with all major brands - Alpinestars, Dainese, Berik, Arlen Ness, Spidi, RST etc and also source high quality custom racing suits from Europe. Currently we are the Australian Agents for Gimoto Italy which involves taking the technical measurements of customers and helping process the design and order for submission to the factory in Milan.

On a typical daily basis, we will be unpicking, repairing and reassembling race suits and maybe replacing a zipper for the occasional road rider who visits the shop. Our work gives us a unique position to have an insight on the construction and performance of almost every brand of leathers out there. We've worked with Australian Superbike and Supersport racers and have also repaired suits used in the WSBK, WSS and Moto2 classes.

We'd better add that all opinions contained in our posts should be regarded as personal, although we will always support said opinions with facts wherever possible. Humans are fallible by design, and we're no different.

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