Why buy from us?

Every seller of motorcycle apparel will tell you that they have the best products for your needs. But do they really know what their talking about? What makes us different?

1. We know our products, how they're made & how they perform.

Our extensive experience with suit repairs has given us familiarity with pretty much every brand available. We open up suits, examine protectors, construction and the leather itself on a daily basis. We have repaired suits for Moto2 and World Supersport racers. In 2015 and 2016, we made a small number of sample suits ourselves here in Australia. These suits have since been used in AMA, BSB, ASBK & at The Isle of Man TT.

2. We offer more services than normal shops. 

Want your new jacket to tie in with some pants of another brand? We can install compatible connection zippers.

Buying an off-the peg suit but need some customisation? We can print and fit logos and make minor alterations.

3. We offer true support with all our products.

We can help with any repairs you may need over the lifespan of your racing suit. Warranty issues can be taken care of in-house, quickly. In fact, other shops & distributors often come to us if they need problems resolved asap.

4. Our personal guarantee.

We don't work for a manager or faceless owner. If you want an opinion or advice regarding apparel, we'll

do our best to help you. We're happy to show you any of our products and tell you where it's made, what it's made of and what exactly you're getting for your money. Our pledge to you is 100% honesty.


Brayden Elliott

3D-Moto suit

Made to the highest standards we could achieve.

Full K-Moto kangaroo leather with extensive

Sas-Tec CE protection, additional anti-shock slider

supports, titanium external titanium protectors,

replaceable elbow sliders, bubble liner for comfort,

 direct vinvl print logos with additional sponsor

logos, YKK zippers, double and triple stitched seams.

Each suit took around 1 week of labour to complete.       



Mick and Chrissy had slightly different requirements not only to regular riders,

but also to each other. Mick's riding position requires him to kneel inside the sidecar

while Chrissy has to be able to move all around the outfit. The challenges of the Isle

of Man TT course are known to most of us and safety was at the front of our minds throughout the manufacturing process.

Again, each suit was made here in Australia using K-Moto kangaroo leather and

extensive CE protection. Mick and Chrissy went on to win the best newcomers

award at the TT beating many seasoned competitors.

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